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Arise! Shine! For your Light has come! Isaiah 60:1

Light is a mystery. From a scientific perspective, it is both particle and wave, both seen and unseen, and contains multiple components on the electromagnetic spectrum. We believe that light helps to make things apparent, that it reveals what is hidden or dark. But light itself is also hidden to the human eye.

The Light that was prophesied in Isaiah is both revelation and mystery, clarity and enigma. Hidden in the form of a tiny newborn was something intangible that convinced shepherds, magi, Anna, Simeon, and others that this baby could be the promised messiah! The light of God pierced the darkness, hearts saw things that were not otherwise visible, and the world was changed.

This week’s playlist includes music for epiphany and light.

ST#146 – Epiphany

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Preview YouTube video What is Light – Physics (Simple Explanation)

What is Light – Physics (Simple Explanation)