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As we wind our way toward the end of the liturgical year, and the end of our tour of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s 2013 Signature Series broadcasts, we have come to the key of E flat major.

E flat major is the key of heroes. Inspiring, courageous, gritty, and gallant, the music of E flat major calls us to action. It lifts our spirits, acknowledging the struggle, but never abandoning the adventure. It includes some of the best-loved melodies in classical music, from the expansive, breath-taking melodic line in Nimrod to the frenetic, rhythmic brass of the Jupiter movement of The Planets. It is definitely a key of perseverance and rising to the challenge.

This week’s playlist includes some of the heroes of the E flat major corpus: Beethoven’s “Emperor” Piano Concerto, Nimrod from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, Jupiter from Holst’s The Planets, and the Ravel-Mussorsky Great Gate of Kiev from Pictures at an Exhibition.

If you need encouragement to finish well – both the chronological and liturgical year – perhaps this week’s playlist will provide the required nudge of inspiration.


The CBC Signature Series in E flat major includes a Sound Cloud recording of the original radio broadcast.

The Sound Theology Eb Major playlist


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Preview YouTube video Elgar: Enigma Variations / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker

Elgar: Enigma Variations / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker