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How Leadership Broke and How to Fix It


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Most Common Mistake People Make When Choosing a Spouse


Factors Driving the Growth of Religious ‘Nones’ in US


6 Types of Stories Scientifically Proven to Make You Emotional

“Scientists at the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Laboratory looked at all those types of stories and many more. Amongst all the different classifications they found a common theme: characters grew in them. They changed by the end of the story. They gained wisdom and emotional depth. They became better people, and that arc connected with the listeners and later readers who discovered the story.”


PDF of the research:


Future Growth of World Religions (2010-2050)


World’s Leading Exorcist Dies

“Father Amorth said at the time only two spiritual realms exist, ‘the Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit,’ and that the demonic enters in ‘because evil is disguised in various ways: political, religious, cultural.’ The demonic spirit has one source of inspiration: ‘the devil,’ and as a Christian, he said he fights ‘the beast spiritually.’”


It’s Now Possible, in Theory, to Predict Life Success from a Genetic Test at Birth


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