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This week’s solar eclipse is causing a stir in many states, as people flock to the best viewing locations. The anticipated mayhem has been widely communicated, often overshadowing the wonderful mystery of the event! The tangible effects that will occur because of the lining up of the sun and the moon on the same side of the earth, at the same time, are amazing. Did you know that: ·      

The gravitational pull causes the earth’s crust to bulge outward by about 40 millimeters, along the line of the center of the earth, moon, and sun ·      

Coastal areas will see tides up to one foot higher than during regular Spring Tides ·      

The temperature could drop by as much as 20-30 degrees F ·      

Looking at the horizon, it is possible to see a 360 degree sunset ·      

And, of course, you know that your eyes can be permanently damaged by the sun if you look directly at it during the eclipse! Get the instructions for making a boy-scout-approved light box HERE.

This week’s playlist includes music about the sun and the moon; music that is both evocative and ethereal. The universe is an amazing creation and although we know many things about its workings and its influences, there are still almost infinite unknowns. On Monday we will have a chance to experience this once-in-a-generation natural phenomenon, and remind ourselves of the creator’s care in putting together all of the pieces. The eclipse provides us with one more opportunity to marvel and muddle in the mystery.

Sound Theology Playlist #125 – Day and Night