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One thing is clear to me, that no indulgence of passion destroys the spiritual nature so much as respectable selfishness.” 

– George Macdonald


As climate change uproots communities, innovation can rescue culture

Summary: In a world where natural disasters and human neglect of the environment can cause a community’s cultural artifacts to be lost technological innovation is helping keep those stories alive for future generations.

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Moving At The Speed Of Culture Is The New Brand Imperative

Summary: People want to be part of the newest and most popular idea. They don’t need to believe in it…they just want to be on the cutting edge.

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The Guardian view on Amazon grocery stores: the cost of convenience. Editorial.

Summary: You may have heard of the new Amazon grocery store that will be arriving soon. You can walk in, scan your items from your phone, have them charged to your amazon account as you walk out, and never interact with another person. What does this cost people?

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How Just 8 Flavors Have Defined American Cuisine

Summary: Sarah Lohman found out as she researched the flavors used in American foods that she would also be telling the story of “disenfranchised people throughout the history of America.”

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