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Change, it’s always happening. When we finally get comfortable our sofa breaks. This happened this week for me. The Pastor of my church resigned. This was actually a good thing as she is being called up to be an assistant to our bishop. The thing is, I don’t like the change.
It’s not that I’m mad; it’s just that I’m sad. I joined this church because of my pastor. I’m a pastor, and I needed to have a pastor who understands me. I am a handful. Since I work in a para-church environment, there will be many times I can’t attend, but I want to have a local person whom I can call my pastor. Pastor Patti is that to me. Patti is actually moving into a
para-church role for starting churches in our diocese. This is my passion as well. The thing is, this change is good. I mean it is great! But, I just don’t like change. Today, God reminded me that He never changes. So, all the other stuff that seems to change, the loss of comfortableness will eventually become comfortable again. Then more change will happen. The constant is that in all the maelstrom of ebb and flow, God never changes. I wonder if the very nature of change is the very thing that never changes? Today, I was reminded of a song from back in my youth…
OK, I’m old, but this song is good. And THAT never changes.

“Changes” by David Bowie