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It’s been cloudy here for weeks and weeks, and I have missed a number of lunar spectacles. Venus has been chasing Mars through the heavens for the past few months, and this month, they came within 5 degrees of each other. The full snow moon this month included a penumbral eclipse that is beautifully captured in these photos. As we come to the close of Epiphany, it seems fitting that we listen to music written about and in homage to the skies, the heavens, and the star that compelled the curious travellers to search for the baby in Bethlehem.

The Turtle Creek Chorale is this week’s choir. They are a large male-voice choir, founded in 1980. They have made over 35 recordings, which include dozens of commissions and new arrangements of popular choral settings. Their recording Celestial, features a variety of music to celebrate our ongoing fascination with sky-watching and the influence that the stars and the planets have on our own lives.

If you missed this month’s full moon, the next one in on March 12th. While you wait, enjoy the music of the Turtle Creek Choral.


Sound Theology #98 – Celestial Sounds