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‘If you’re not failing, you’re probably not trying as hard as you could be

“All the failures I’ve overcome? That’s much more important than any successes. I had to repeat ninth grade. I had to repeat the beginning of graduate school. I lost my major source of funding just before I came up for tenure. One of the major things — news flash — that they judge you on for tenure is whether you can support yourself. In each case, it helps if you can think out of the box and think of a new way of doing things. The other thing is: Follow your dreams, even if it does mean taking a risk. If you’re not failing, you’re probably not trying as hard as you could be. And being petrified of failure means you’re going to be probably a very extreme underachiever.” George Church

When is the last time you went to a failure conference? Who would like to organize the next one? An event offering a safe place to share our failures and our learning would be a refreshing break from the celebrity worship of success conferences. It’s all about the story in the end.

The Brain Has a Delete Button: Why We Should Be Showing More than Telling

Here is a little piece on how brain practice leads to different behavior. Why is this important for communicators? Because if we tell someone that they can change and fail to show them how that can occur from day-to-day, we may frustrate them to failure. The 60-day or 90-day “experiencing life together” practical follow-throughs on our teachings are what will make the difference in long-term behavioral change. Even when the redemptive impulse gets the “ball rolling.” Get your notebooks ready and start having a daily conversation on social. What gets measured gets done.

Cutting Through the Noise

Listeners today are brainwashed more so than any time in history. Here is a hilarious (sad and true as well) Chinese propaganda film on American propaganda. We call it marketing and PR. In this election cycle we can see how “truth has perished in the streets.” Here’s a little insight from the outside in.

Divine Action and Resurrection: Something like that, more or less

If you want to engage a scientifically-minded person in the resurrection, here is an interesting piece.

Study suggests humans are only capable of having five people in their closest circle

If you believe in small groups, this is helpful information. Helping people be intentional about who is in their lives might bring personal insight into what (who) is missing. Leonard Sweet’s
“11 Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without” addresses this from a different angle. It is a great tool when you have a series on interpersonal relationships.

What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof?

At some point we split the “young” and “old” apart. We gated both communities. The church is one family and integration is a constant goal. As they say, “discuss this among yourselves.”

The Selling of Spirituality

Spirituality is a big business. Taking a rock, bracelet or other product and imbuing it with a spiritual vibe increases its value. Is this about old-fashioned capitalism, the desire for meaning or the value of story telling?

A Look at Pixar’s Secret Storytelling Weapons

Study shows where you are is who you are

This is one reason why “missions trips” and other excursions are so important.