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The wonder and mystery of Pentecost signals something big – something new. But, unlike Advent or Easter, Pentecost is not a season of the liturgical year. That is because, although Pentecost is both big, and new, it is actually the culmination of the entirety of the Lent/Easter journey. The birthday of the church is the epic conclusion to the Way, Truth and Life of Christ. The pouring out of the Spirit on all people, this manifest, visible presence of the tongues of fire and the energy of the new-ancient person of the Trinity, brings full circle the in-breaking of God with Creation. From the Spirit’s hovering over the deeps in the Genesis stories, to the Spirit coming upon Mary, to the creation of the Church, the fullness and presence of the third person of the Trinity is completed.

Depending on the year, Ordinary Time (the weeks of the liturgical year that are not part of a specific Season) comprises up to 34 weeks of the calendar year. This year there are 27 Sundays after Pentecost (and before Advent.) Some of these weeks are named (such as Trinity Sunday and Christ the King Sunday), but the purpose of these weeks is to tell the stories of the early and unfolding Church. The themes and scripture passages of ordinary time are flexible, reflecting the wide variety of possible ways to communicate the purposes and practices of the people of God – now explicitly inclusive of all peoples and all of creation.

To celebrate the theme of “new things,” for the next few weeks I will introduce you to some bands and musicians with whom you may not be familiar. I pray that in these coming weeks you will find musical resonance: songs that tell the truth, ones that draw you in, and others that inspire you on the faithful journey.

This week’s group is a duo called The Banner Days. Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney’s first collaboration in 2014 has developed into two albums and a busy traveling schedule.  They have a YouTube channel and you can also listen to their music on their web site, as well as on Pandora and Spotify.

This week’s ST#60 playlist includes selections from the artists as a duo and as individuals.