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The Increase of Tech and the End of Anonymity

Powerful facial-recognition software can shred privacy with one photo. New technology heralds the end of anonymity. Theologians and even scientists like Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon taught that increased technology pointed to the end of days. Billionaire businessman and tech pacesetter Elon Musk said last week the odds of the human experience being “base reality” were a billion to one. In other words, he believes human beings live in a computer simulation. Brilliant minds inside and outside the faith community increasingly grapple with the exponential increase of technology and its effects on our lives. From Bacon’s Instauratio Magna, where ships of learning were depicted passing by the limits of human knowledge, to Tofler’s Future Shock, exponential (tetration, anyone?) and unparalleled change is the new norm. This changes everything.


Peace on Earth Why does a society experience peace? Pillars of Peace analyzed of over 4,000 data sets, surveys and indices to discover the attitudes, institutions and structures associated with peaceful societies. How does the church factor into creating peace in cities and communities? Something to think about and work toward.


Thy Word Have I Hidden On My Chip

This story made its way around the internet a month ago, but it’s a fascinating look not only at information storage but memory, history and technological advancement.


Dumb is the New Smart


Coloring Book: Chance the Rapper

Have you incorporated hip hop in your music program? One of the top hip hop albums in the US features songs like “How Great Is Our God.” Rappers are singing about injustice, violence, longing, and making various political and economic commentaries on the world today. The language and imagery might be a bit edgy for the suburban church crowd, but it is the language of millions of young Americans. For those who want to preach to someone other than the choir. So to speak.