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Although I took exception to last week’s characterization of D major, this week’s short-hand hits the mark: B minor is The Dark Romantic. Moody, heart-wrenching, technically intense, the selections highlighted this week demonstrate the beauty and complexity that composers can capitalize on in the minor keys. Tchaikovsky’s 6th and final symphony comprises the foundation of the B minor Signature Series personality; its Russian passion perfectly illustrating the key. This work is worthy of a complete listen, if you have not heard it before (the playlist includes only the final movement.) Puccini and Chopin provide the Italian B minor flavor, with Bach and Mendelssohn showing how the Germans interpret it. Each of this week’s works are giants of classical music; I encourage you to explore and listen to them all.

The CBC Signature Series in B minor includes a Sound Cloud recording of the original radio broadcast.

ST#130 – B minor