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Ascension Sunday

With His ascension, Jesus called us to be His incarnation to the world. That’s a large responsibility. If it were not for Jesus promise of Pentecost, the disciples would have been left with the authority to “Go into all of the worlds” without the power to go.  Yet Jesus, in His Ascension, promised the power was on its way.  Without the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling them, the disciples must have felt scared and alone. The disciples felt like a kite with no wind. Looking at Peter specifically, even Jesus had restored Peter, Peter, just like all of us, must have looked back at all his failures and wondered, “how will I be able to?”  The answer from Jesus seems to be “der child, stop relying on your own power.”  God is the one who covers.

In preparation for Ascension Sunday, God’s promise of covering us rings ever true. In his song “He Covers Me,” Steve Camp sings from a heart of knowing that though we man not now see Him in person, God’s covering is all we need.