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Can music make us better people? Clearly, Handel wrote with this purpose in mind; he believed it was possible to write music that would inspire and transform. Handel’s many works based on scripture have had profound effects on generations of musicians and audiences. The Messiah is one of the most well-known choral works in the repertoire, with hundreds of performances every year. It’s sublime movements can definitely change and move our hearts in ways that are both unexpected and long-lasting.

If you were to agree that music can make us better people, which pieces would you add to the list of candidates? From any genre and generation, what music makes you aspire to be a better person, opens your heart, or moves far beyond simple entertainment? From Handel’s oeuvre, the works on this week’s playlist definitely inspire me. From the glorious, soaring harmonies and timbre of the violins in Zadok the Priest, to the counterpoint and relentlessness of Messiah’s Amen, Handle’s music goes far beyond entertainment for those who have ears open.

If you have influence over your church’s playlist this coming week, what music can you choose that will make better people?


ST#151 – George F. Handel