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I believe now more than ever that singing is a universal, built-in mechanism designed to cultivate empathy and compassion.

— Eric Whitacre


Research has shown that simply by looking and smiling at each other, moms and babies synchronize their heartbeats to within milliseconds of each other. Research has also shown that, overtime, the heartbeats of those who sing together in a choir synchronize.

Singing has the power to make connections between people that go far beyond the superficial. Like smiling, singing activates neurotransmitters that give us good feelings. We all know that listening to music can help relax or energize us: our bodies take on the rhythmic energy of what we hear. Singing in a choir, and listening to voices raised in song, resonates deeply, in ways that we are still working to understand.


ST#150 – Eric Whitacre

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Preview YouTube video Eric Whitacre – Alleluia (With Pictures)

Eric Whitacre – Alleluia (With Pictures)