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“Derek data mines the internet for articles hoping to help others gaze at the world through the lens of Christ Jesus.”


Modern Malta: Old and New Collide on This Island Nation

Summary:  Angling for its turn on the world stage, this tiny island nation is embracing a reboot while holding fast to a formidable heritage.  


Oldest Alphabet Identified as Hebrew

Summary: Controversial claim argues that ancient Israelites turned Egyptian hieroglyphics into letters.


Boredom Fuels Imagination and Creativity in Children

Summary: Remember those days before 24 hours of television? Remember when there wasn’t a video streaming device in every hand? Remember long boring holidays?

Caitlin Fitzpatrick says, “Parents often feel guilty about letting their children sit idle. If we are home with our children, we feel we should make sure they are engaged and learning and having fun… but boredom serves an important purpose.”


O Emmanuel debuts at #1 on The Billboard chart

Summary:  A newly composed piece of sacred music debuts at #1 on Billboard Charts. This album uses ancient traditions along with modern music to give it a beautiful twist. You’ll also be able to watch short videos on how the album was made. 


Five Surprising Facts About the Religious Beliefs of Scientists Around the World

Summary: “… scientists are often seen as champions of secularization and anti-religious attitudes.   Ecklund’s study reveals  that this caricature is largely unfounded.”


Hipster Jesus Nativity?

Summary: Would Mary take a selfie? Would the magi arrive on a Segway? What does this Nativity Scene say about our culture and how we view the Jesus story? At the very least, the pictures will make you laugh.