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The earth echoes with sound – from the silent reverberation of air waves, to the crashing of the ocean waves on a rocky shore. Waves ebb and flow. They respond to other waves and are affected by solid and moving elements that stand in their way. Some things amplify the waves, other things redirect the waves, and still other things work with the waves to create something entirely new.

The videos this week include two different creations that amplify and transform moving water into music.  The artists in these two locations, on different sides of the planet, have created natural vehicles for amplifying the ocean waves. The waves do what waves do: according to the circulation of the moon and the timing of the tides, they move against the shore. When they move against the shore in these two locations, they flow through pipes, crevasses, and tunnels, making unique music!

Just like the waves in the ocean, our own sounds – our unique stories – benefit from amplification and transformation. We each need others who will hear our sounds and help us create songs that resonate with the larger music of creation. You can be the one who helps shape and amplify the good in someone else’s music. How you respond to others helps them to move in new ways, creating, expanding and enhancing what they already know, amplifying things that are already in their hearts.

As you connect with people this week, consider how your presence can shape and transform. Do you redirect or halt the waves of others, or are you willing to ebb and flow to create something new? All sound is waves. What music will you make this week?


Croatian Wave Organ (two video clips)


San Francisco’s Wave Organ