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Are we living in the best of times? In many ways, yes.


Measuring the Good Life


The church has more than 200,000 local expressions (churches). How should this force be mobilized to care for an overpopulated planet. Garden theology?

“California has 157 endangered or threatened species, looming water shortages, eight of the 10 most air-polluted cities in the country and 725 metric tons of trash washing up on its coast each year.”


What People Look for in a Church


How the Islamic State Recruits and Coerces Children


It’s Hard to Go to Church

A new survey suggests the logistics of going to services can be the biggest barrier to participation—and Americans’ faith in religious institutions is declining.


Politics is About Human Behavior in the End


Why the ‘Nones’ Left Religion Behind


For Those Feelings and Emotions You Can’t Describe: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


A Quarter of Americans Have No Religious Ties


Consumerism Destroys Citizenship. The Gospel Should Permeate and Reformulate Lifestyle and Citizen Relationships

Remember Lot’s Wife?


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made