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In the weeks before Christmas – as the days get shorter and the nights get longer – there is chill to the air that makes it difficult to remember the feeling of the light. In northern regions, it’s dark when you go to work and dark when you go home. The smallest light can bring hope and delight. A few years ago, I filled my front window with tiny battery-powered tea lights at the beginning of Advent and kept them lit until Epiphany. Night and day, week after week, in the darkest days of the year, I held vigil with tiny lights. Those candles represented persistence to me; the insistence that light would not be overcome by any darkness. I looked forward to coming home and seeing them peeking at me from the window. A neighbor commented that she liked those lights better than the ones on the outside of the other houses because she had a feeling that the tea lights represented love, flickering out to the neighborhood.

In this season of Advent, be the light that draws others. Be a light that points to the Light.

The smallest flame spreads warmth. A tiny tea light communicates love. There is a light that the darkness cannot extinguish, because a new-born baby is the Light of the World. The waiting is almost at its fruition.


ST#177 – Advent 3


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Perry Como Live – One Little Candle