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I am a pastor.  Therefore, as I go through each new day Lord, hold me in your care, safe from harming and free from sin.

In my travels Lord, I will meet many people for a short time.  Not all will see you in my eyes the way I hoped they would.  Some may make me feel impatient, and some will find me irritating.  Lord help me to be a blessing, to minister with love and with consideration of all whom I meet.

Please be my guide as I forge new roads; be my light when the way forward seems uncertain.

Bless my church, my home, and those I love.  Watch between us when  we are apart, and bring me back when journeying is done.

Jesus traveled many miles, often weary and in danger, always healing, teaching, pardoning people as he passed by.

Lord, make my life a journey of pilgrimage to you;  as I go on my way, wherever that may be, cleanse me and make me a ‘pastor’ worthy of you.



*Adapted from “A Pastoral Prayer Book” by Raymond Chapman