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Embrace the 21st century with sermons that speak the language of your culture.  Join the Homiletic Revolution and Preaching Renaissance.  A revolution is a protest–against word-based exegesis. A renaissance is a positive expression of construction and creativity–founded on stories and images, narratives and metaphors (narraphors)—with a soundtrack.

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  1. A master sermon based on the traditional lectionary
  2. A story sermon based on the new story lectionary.


  1. Traditional lectionary for the week
  2. Story lectionary for the week

Image Exegesis

Dig deep into the images based on the week’s story


Sweet Videos

Weekly 3-5 minute semiotic videos of Len Sweet –connecting scripture to the semiotics of everyday life.

The Commons

A preaching blog with ideas for interactive Story sermon writing and image exegesis (a la Giving Blood) *Coming Soon

The Seed Bed Seminary

Coming this summer! – Teaching seminars and forums led by Len and others including global pastors and speakers



Preaching Tips

Tips for building story sermons and giving them an EPIC style.

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  • Pastor’s Prayer
  • The Open Table – book reviews by Teri Hyrkas
  • Sound Theology – a sound bite for your sermon writing by Colleen Butcher
  • Sweet Videos
  • The Digital Feast
  • Napkin Scribbles Podcast

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