Webinar – “The Passover Seder” with Rabbi Feinberg

The Seder might be the first EPIC ritual in all history. Join us along with Rabbi Robert Feinberg and we will experience it together on the Thursday before Holy Week and Passover. Those who register will receive a short list of foods that will help us to share in what will be an inspiring and joyous time.


When: Thursday, April, 6th. 10:00 (PST) / 1:00pm (EST)




Semiotics Bootcamp – “Reading the Images of Our Culture, Understanding the Images of Scripture” with Leonard Sweet

Jesus taught in images and parables. Today, we too need to learn not only to see and understand the metaphors of our scriptures but also to learn to see and interpret Jesus’ revolutionary images for our new time and culture.  In Len’s innovative Semiotics Bootcamp learn to read the signs of our culture and the images (sermons) within our culture that are currently contradicting the message of Jesus and the saving images of the gospels. 




When: Tuesday, May, 9th. 10:00 (PST) / 1:00pm (EST)








Webinar – “Indefatigable Creativity” with Dr. David Mcdonald

Do all your ideas feel like they come from the same creative reservoir? Do you struggle to identify ministry application for new trends, experiences, and technologies? Do you wonder about the merits of experimentation, that maybe you’re sacrificing the development of your people for the latest and greatest newest hippest “thing”?

Join Dr. David McDonald for a one hour seminar to explore the methods and resources of the world’s most creative talents.





When: Monday, June, 19th. 10:00 (PST) / 1:00pm (EST)