Semiotics Bootcamp with Leonard Sweet

Reading the Images of Our Culture, Understanding the Images of Scripture

Jesus taught in images and parables (short stories built around metaphors).  He masterfully employed the images and metaphors of the Hebrew scriptures in new ways and in new contexts that his listeners would understand.  Each of them was infused with significant “shock value.” Today, we too need to learn not only to see and understand the metaphors of our scriptures but also to learn to see and interpret Jesus’ revolutionary images for our new time and culture.  The tribe of Issachar were known as the “seers.”  They knew to watch for what was coming, and they knew how to read their surroundings. Join me in a webinar that explains the basics of scriptural and cultural “semiotics.”  Learn to read the signs of our culture and the images (sermons) within our culture that are currently contradicting the message of Jesus and the saving images of the gospels.  Learn to speak to our culture in ways that will truly transfigure peoples’ lives by making Jesus’ amazing stories accessible to those who see and hear in story and image. 




When: , Monday September, 18th. 10:00 (PST) / 1:00pm (EST)

Mining for Methaphors with Lori Wagner

Learn to recognize and mine the metaphors of scripture in preparation for semiotic sermon writing. Learn how to recognize the metaphors of scripture, how to research them for meaning, and how to build an “image exegesis” that will help you prepare a more creative sermon.  A practicum webinar. Bring your favorite Bible, a computer or notepad, and be prepared to jump in!


When: , Saturday October, 8th. 10:00 (PST) / 1:00pm (EST)